Farrellsstyles Salon

Farrellsstyles Salon the Chloe Creation Line.

Chloe's Creations

 Our Mission is to makes your dreams come true!

From the Salon experience to the Bachelorette Party & Wedding and from the Baby Shower threw all the Birthday’s! We want to create style/fashion that will make you look picture perfect. 


I have created a line of party veils for Bachelorette Parties & Bridal Veils,

because "Girls just want to have fun”

(If you purchase a Party Veil, and still need a Bridal Veil, I'll give you $10 off!)


What are your favorite colors? I design custom hair accessories for all occasions. Bows/Flowers/Clips/Bands any color, size or style you wish. If you have twins, matching items can be made. 


Personalized burp rags/spit-up rags for both boys & girls.(Name, birth date, weight, etc). The shape is designed to fit securely over your shoulder & assist you in the comforting of your baby. From Zebra prints to baseball or from flowered prints to hockey, you tell me which brings out your style best?


I design items that you can't find in the stores. For the boys I have Clip & Rip Ties/T-Shirt Ties and for the girls dresses and skirts. Do you have a special day to dress up your family & can’t find the perfect outfits that match? Tell me your ideas and we will bring them to life!


                                            ~Farrellsstyles Salon~